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Rashis in Light of Kriya Yoga (New Book) [Hardcover/Paperback]

Rashis in Light of Kriya Yoga (New Book) [Hardcover/Paperback]
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The author Guru Ji Sh. Sanjay Aggarwal is a practicing Kriya Yogi. He has been guiding one and all through regular discourses in the Srimad Bhagvad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras amidst other ancient scriptural texts. He also emphasizes on being regular in the meditative practice and at the same time fulfilling one’s duties towards family, mankind, Guru and God. 

He founded Shree Maharishi Bhrigu Ashram in Irvine, California as per the will of his Guru – Shri Maharishi Bhrigu, where regular meditative and satsanga activities take place. The book 'Rashis in Light of Kriya Yoga', authored by 'Shri Sanjay Aggarwal' discusses the very basics of Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) - the twelve rashis in the most fascinating, inspiring and never-before manner. The true understanding of “What is Geeta Divya Kriya Yoga?” and “What is Jyotisha?” comes out beautifully through this book. One needs to read this book to understand and realize how the Light of Kriya Yoga comes out through each zodiac sign revealing some deep secrets of this esoteric spiritual practice. The goal of this practice being ‘God Realization’. 

The book while bringing the astrological essence of each rashi, establishes jyotisha as a spiritual subject with very deep esoteric messages for anyone who is in the quest for truth, freedom, eternal peace and bliss. The book is not just a book on astrology but a book filled with guidance and inspiration for any sincere spiritual seeker. The book has a number of hidden pointers which can be understood by each person as per his level of development and spiritual advancement. People having some knowledge of astrology will be able to appreciate the dimension and depth of spirituality embedded in jyotisha; for Kriya Yogis, the book will offer many answers in the spiritual domain and for a layman, it will introduce him to the richness of our scriptures. 

The book is an inspiration for everyone to recognize the ultimate goal of existence and live in complete awareness of it. Its goal is to inspire the spiritual seeker in making sincere efforts through a meditative practice such as 'Kriya Yoga' to break through the vicious entanglement of binding samskaras and karmas.

OM Tat Sat

Bhrigu Ashram
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Rashis in Light of Kriya Yoga (New Book) [Hardcover/Paperback]
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