"The Buddha taught that there are three types of persons, depending on their karmic afflictions of anger and frustrations. First are those whose level of frustration is particularly high, making life miserable for themselves and others. Their minds can be compared to words etched on stone. The second mind-set, with a lower level of frustration, can be compared to words written on soil. The third type is like words written on water. Persons in this last group generally holds few grudges and do not look to settle accounts. Their anger and frustration are dissipated as rapidly as the river that flows under a bridge. Let us try to emulate this third group and let our resentment, frustration and anger flow away. The world would be a happier, safer place, with fewer personal confrontations, fewer ethnic conflicts, fewer wars."



Nails in the Fence

How to Forgive


Dont Quit

The Grace of God

Anger and Frustration - Buddha's Teachings

Heaven and Hell

Sadhana - The Churning Within

Shukdev Muni and Janak Maharaj

King Janak and Astavakra

Ganesha and Tulsi's Curse

Twins - Birth and Death

Moving Rocks

The Cracked Pot

Escaping from Confinement

Breath - A True Gift of God

Love and time

The Cleaning Lady

The Mountain Story


Serving Others

Life - The Carpenter's House

The Four Wives


Creating Balance

Did Rama have a sister?

Listening to Bhagvad Gita

Never Give Up

Big Rocks

The Ripple Effect


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