Buddha and his Father - Infinite Distance

When Buddha came to talk to his father they were standing in front of each other with no distance between them but in reality there was an infinite distance. The distance was beyond space and time. Buddha was in a different state of understanding and his father was in a completely different state. The father was not communicating with Buddha at all. He was in fact talking to a son who was not there..who was no more. The son, the prince, who had renounced the worldly life had died, had completely perished. This was a new consciousness which was born.This was the rebirth. This was the "Dwij". But the father could not see this. He was far away from reality. His reality was clouded. It was clouded because his father was angry and was just thinking about the betrayal of his son during his old age. 

Buddha, the only son was the natural heir to his father. There was a natural attachment of the father with his son. The father was getting old and was naturally worried about the next heir to his throne. His son had renounced the world..he was a beggar...the father was naturally angry. Then Buddha comes..the son comes and is now trying to convince the father to do exactly the same things that he did. He wants his father to follow him :) . The father is definitely very very annoyed, very angry. He starts to shout that his son has betrayed him. he is very angry with his son. 

Buddha tells his father , "Whom are you talking to my dear father. The person who used to be your son is no more. He has died. I am not the same person anymore. Something has changed. I am completely a different person.". The father laughs and says, " Dont fool me. What are you saying? Have you gone crazy? or do you consider me crazy to believe this?. You are the same person who went away. You are my son. My blood flows in you. You are part of my gene. You have the same face. How can I misunderstand this ?" And the lack of understanding continued...

Buddha laughed and said, " I have the same blood as yours, but there is something fundamentally different. The consciousness is completely different. I have died and I am reborn. I am talking about my center. i am talking about my inner-core. I was in darkness. Now I have entered light. And father, your old age has come, you cant even stand properly or walk. Sooner or later death is impending. Before death comes, meditate on the self".

"Before death knocks at your door find out who you are". 

The above story is very dear to me, touched me in many many ways. It is the profound Truth. 

In the inner journey of life death is first, then life is. The 
journey and the goal are not separate, the journey ends in the goal.

When have seen our own death with our own eyes, we will never die again. By losing ourself we shall find ourSelf, by dying we shall live. 

Before the Tsunamis and the earthquakes or any other calamities hit us, "Let us Find out who we are". 



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