The Buddha was in a lotus-filled garden when he perceived a man named "Kandata" who was squirming in the depths of Hell. He had been a murderer, an arsonist, and thief. A lifetime of these causes had put him in hell. He was in the company of others like him.

The Buddha looked further into Kandata's life and saw an incident where Kandata came upon a spider. He raised his foot to stomp on it. Suddenly, he reconsidered, thinking, "There is no doubt that this spider is also a living being and it is a shame to take its life for no reason." In the end he spared the spider.

Knowing this, the Buddha took a spider thread and lowered it to into depths of Hell with the intention of saving Kandata.

Kandata reached for the thread and found it strong enough to hold his weight. Using all his strength he began lifting himself from Hell.

After some progress, he looked down and saw hundreds of others behind him climbing on the same spider thread.

He shouted back at them: "Get off! This is mine!" Just then, the thread broke and Kandata fell back into Hell.

Why did this happen? Simply because of one persons jealousy. Why did Kandata become so upset? What did it matter if a hundred people used the same spider thread behind him to climb up from Hell? Isnt heaven big enough for everyone? So be very vigilant. Stay away from negative feelings. Do not let yourself burn in jealousy and anger. They will make you FALL.



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