Videos - Interviews with GuruJi
  • Interviews with GuruJi Sh. SanjayJi - Answers to Common Spiritual Confusions
  • Fifteen videos - Thirteen Questions asked to GuruJi which address common spiritual confusions as listed below -
    • Introduction
    • Question 1 - What is Geet Divya Kriya Yoga
    • Question 2 - What is the purpose of Meditation?How is it going to help me?
    • Question 3 - How do I get started with this practice? Can I do it on my own or do I need a teacher?
    • Question 4 - Who is a Guru? How do I find my Guru?
    • Question 5 - I already have a Guru. Is it okay to learn from you?
    • Question 6 - What does the initiation process entail? And why is it emphasized for this practice?
    • Question 7 - I have already taken initiation somewhere else. Is it okay to take initiation again?
    • Question 8 - Do I need any previous experience to practice Geet Divya Kriya Yoga
    • Question 9 - Do I need to be of a specific faith or religion to practice the path of Geet Divya Kriya Yoga
    • Question 10 - Do I need to give up meat and alcohol prior to or during this practice?
    • Question 11 - I want to teach Yoga to others. Can I take this practice and teach it to others?
    • Question 12 - I pray everyday. How does that get affected with this practice?
    • Question 13 - How long is the practice? How do I integrate this practice with my hectic schedule?
    • Closing Remarks



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