Who is a Guru?

A common prasna posed is "Who or what is a Guru? What is his role? Can he be equated to other teachers who come across ones journey of life?"

1. In our sastras guru sthana is considered higher than that of Lord himself. Many atheists obviously feel this to be an exaggeration.

2. We have many teachers that teach us various subjects during the course of our life. We respect these teachers but we do not revere them as Guru. So is the worship of Guru an exaggeration?! If we say that surya jyoti is like jyoti of infinite glow worms, will it be an exaggeration? In reality the light of these glow worms cannot match the brilliance of the Sun. This is something to ponder about.

3. In life everyone seeks happiness. Yet everyone is suffering. Why?! Is it not important to find out why? Is this something that can be gained by our own effort/will? Can this be a direct anubhava? Can we gain this scientifically or by inference? To know our true nature, the Self, which is sat-chit-aananda, none of the above means is valid. Only a Guru’s teachings can tell one "THAT" is what you are seeking and "THAT" is your true nature. This true nature we refer to as "OM TAT SAT". In simpler words "THAT IS THE TRUTH"."THAT IS YOUR TRUE NATURE".

4. A manushya is referred to as a jeeva in the sastras. A jeeva is one who is crawling here and there to seek temporary happiness. This jeeva through life's lessons at appropriate times is made to realize that he is not the shareera but the Infinite Brahman (Bliss Absolute!!). For a Guru who teaches the brahma vidya, can any amount of namaskarams/ prostrations be enough?! To repay Guru rina is indeed a highly foolish attempt because one can never be free from this rina.

5. Now let us ponder and find out who in reality is a Guru. First we have the parents, then the teachers who teach us secular subjects and then there are the purohitas and panditas who perform upanayana ceremonies, havans - these are also gurus. Some gurus may give mantra deeksha. But the highest position is that of Sadguru. It is He who gives Atma Gyan (knowledge of the Supreme). Guru is one who unites jeeva with Siva. Only then can one say "CHIDAANANDAA ROOPAM SIVOHAM SIVOHAM". Jeeva attains status of Siva. Otherwise he is just a shava (dead corpse).

6. To sum up - The jeeva seems to be suffering on account of ignorance of ones true nature, the Self. This ignorance cannot be removed only with ones own effort. The one who introduces ME to MYSELF is the SADGURU. Any amount of praise, or prostrations to my Sadguru cannot be sufficient. To me the Guru is the greatest. This is not to say that the Lord is less. This is just to stress the importance of such a Guru who gives us the jyoti marga and protects us from the clutches of worldly attachments and at the same time moves us forward towards GOD REALIZATION. So what do we have to do?! All we have to do is to surrender to Him "GURU CHARANA AMBUJA NIRBHAR BHAKTA".

Today I take this opportunity given to me to prostrate to the entire Guru parampara of Maharishi Bhrgu Muni. Without Him there is no knowledge, there is no joy, there is no bliss, there is no realization, there is nothing. All I am today is because of my Guru. This being does not breathe. It is His Guru who breathes through him.

To this great Guru Parampara of Maharishi Bhrgu Muni let us bow down & offer our prostrations.




OM Tat Sat

-Sanjay Aggarwal


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