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Bhrigu Divine Readings

Through Maharishi Bhrigu's Divine Grace, Guruji Shree Sanjay Ji gives Bhrigu Divine Readings from time to time depending on his travel schedule.

The readings begin with a prayer and invocation of Maharishi Bhrigu by Guruji. Guruji communes with the Maharishi, who then begins to speak through Guruji in the form of Divine Light, bestowing his blessings to one and all. The Maharishi's guidance flows in the form of divine Sanskrit words of nectar, wiping away all the negative qualities in our lives, bringing bliss, peace and happiness, thereby taking us to a step closer to our Self (Soul/Atma). The divine reading in the form of Sanskrit words by the Maharishi is very calming and takes one to the state of deep inner silence and meditation.

In the Hindu scriptures Maharishi Bhrigu, a great divine saint is the father of Vedic Astrology. He composed a treatise on astrology called "Bhrigu Samhita" thousands of centuries ago, that contains the charts of all the jeevas(embodied souls) in the world, information about their past and predictions about their future. Some of the original manuscripts are scattered amongst various nadi readers all over the world in the form of divine palm leaves. Guruji, Sh. Sanjay Ji has been bestowed with a rare spiritual gift (or Siddhi) to access and read the Bhrigu leaves manifested in real time (akash patra) through the plane of divine light. Being a part of these readings is a deeply spiritual experience for all of us connected with Guruji and we are ever indebted to him for bringing that divinity, peace and bliss into our lives.

All are welcome to attend these divine readings.

If you need further information about the Bhrigu Divine Readings, you may contact us via email at

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