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Vedic Astrology (Traditional Hindu System Of Astrology)

Vedic Astrology (Traditional Hindu System Of Astrology)

Vedic Astrology (Jyotish Shastra) reveals some important aspects.

One, is that it helps us in understanding reality in this world of illusion. Brahma Ji doing padma asana (sitting on a lotus) signifies that everyone's being is deeply rooted in infinite reality. The rising Brahma from the nabhi (navel) of Vishnu Ji signifies the deep rooted concept of the Ascendant or Lagna or simply called the rising sign in Vedic Astrology. Brahma Muhurta is further derived from this deep rooted reality.

Secondly, Jyotish Shastra helps in identifying ones guru. The word "GURU" means "dispeller of darkness".

It is only the surrender to the guru which helps in paving the path towards moksha (liberation). The root cause of all problems is the Ego. What separates us from God is nothing but ego. It can be stated that Ego is the biggest badhaka (obstruction) to Moksha. As the moon circles the kaalapurusha day in and night out this is nothing but akin to vritti (thought waves) rising in ones mind. The mind is signified by the moon, the Atma (soul) by the Sun and when we go beyond the mind, the soul, we find ourselves going towards the state in which Para-Shiva is in deep contentment with Para-Shakti. This highest state of absolute is called Dvadasanta.

Yes, Jyotish Shastra reveals that in the inner world of spirituality we are moving towards a jyoti (light) that is surrounded by darkness.

OM Tat Sat

Sanjay Aggarwal