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Guru Ji Shri Sanjay Ji was born in Meerut, India, and spent his formative years in the city of Hyderabad. He has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a masters degree in computer engineering. Upon completing his education, Guru Ji worked mainly in the telecommunications and investment trading sector in the United States for about 17 years. He also had founded his own software consulting company, before moving on for his spiritual pursuits. His wife, Gurumata Chandrima Ji (Guru Ma), has been a pillar of support to his spiritual life and has been the building block on which his spiritual life and the Ashram have progressed. She has been devoted to supporting Guru Ji’s ideals, his teachings, his daily meditative practice, and the mission. She continues to selflessly assist him by coordinating all Ashram activities, while making them enjoyable for all age groups. They have two children Devang and Shreeya, who while having a beautiful life in Southern California, are also committed to and enjoy Ashram teachings and activities.  

Guru Ji went through a series of life transforming spiritual experiences post year 2003, and was made to realize from his Guru, Sh. Maharishi Bhrigu, that it was all destined. The Jeeva Nadi shastras from several locations in India, revealed many spiritual aspects of his past lives, the depth of the connection with his Guru, and breadth of divine things to unfold in this lifetime. Due to this deep connection, the ‘mandala’ (energy force) of Maharishi Bhrigu can be felt through Guru Ji’s presence and spiritual discourses.

His Guru, Sh. Maharishi Bhrigu, asked him to do ‘sthapana’ (establish) Bhrigu Ashram in August 2006 with the goal of touching the depths and uplifting individual souls. This Ashram was formally incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non profit in the state of California in June 2007 as per the ‘aagya’ (divine will) of his Guru.

Constant divine guidance for Shree Maharishi Bhrigu Ashram, California has been coming from Shri Ramani Guru Ji through the divine Kaka Bhujanda Maharishi Palm Leaves since 2006 where the Maharishi has mentioned several times the association of Guru Ji and Guru Ma with Maharishi Bhrigu and the direction for Bhrigu Ashram. Shri Ramani Guru Ji's divine radiance and divine power is felt when Guru Ji speaks lovingly about Shri Ramani Guru Ji. Shri Ramani Guru Ji runs Kaka Bhujanda Maharishi Ashram in Tambaram-Chennai, India.

In early 2006 he began to conduct Raja Yoga meditation sessions through the medium of audios/videos in a proper Vedic ‘parampara’ (tradition) setting. The audio recordings were meant to help the ‘sadhak’ (spiritual practitioner) with their ‘sadhana’ (practice) and help discover the source of 'Brahman' (absolute reality) through the bliss of 'jyoti' (light). His central teaching became spreading a universal message that everyone is made in the same divine image and to practice acceptance of all as equal regardless of caste, color, race or religion - If you cannot see God in All, you cannot see God at All.

Since 2004, Guruji has provided many individuals guidance on a personal level through Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology). This divine knowledge of Jyotisha came to him through his spiritual experiences and through association with sages and saints from India. He published a book 'Rashis in light of Kriya Yoga' in 2009 which discusses the very basics of Jyotisha - the twelve rashis in the most fascinating, inspiring and never-before manner. The true understanding of 'What is Kriya Yoga?' and 'What is Jyotisha?' comes out beautifully through this book. One needs to read this book to understand and realize how the Light of Kriya Yoga comes out through each zodiac sign revealing some deep secrets of this esoteric spiritual practice. Guru Ji has deep spiritual roots which are grounded in spirituality and vedic cosmic astrology. He says that all the good/bad influence of the stars and planets are in one's spine. Through his teaching if one learns to revolve the divine current (prana) around the spine in each chakra, he says it will begin to remove the negative influences of stars and planets from the body. In one breath, one can accomplish the meditation of one year. Yes, this is possible. He says that for a practicing raja yogi (royal yogi), a traditional vedic astrological reading is useless because each day a raja yogi is changing his destiny. Traditional astrology cannot remove the negative influences in your kundali (natal chart). At best, it can give you some guidance to try and prepare you for what may come.

He always says that the divine science of Jyotish (Jyotisha or Vedic Astrology) shows the Jyoti towards Ishwara (God). Jyoti means Light. Isha is from Ishana viz. God. Light is God. Love is Light. Love is God. So Jyotish means to 'Love God' with sincerity and devotion.

Since 2006, Guru Ji has been giving regular divine satsangs (spiritual discourses) covering various ancient Vedic scriptures including Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Srimad Bhagavatam, Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharat, Ramayan, Upanishads and Yog Vashisht. Each satsang brings out the in-depth essence of the teachings, how it relates to present times, and motivates the attendees to steadfastly progress on the spiritual path. Guru Ji takes his time to translate almost every verse to English, so that each and every soul present can benefit from the entire satsang. He has also given discourses on the Holy Bible to show that God is giving the same divine message. Guru Ji’s purpose has always been to selflessly give to everyone for realizing the ultimate goal viz. God Realization.

In 2009, per the ‘aagya’ of Sh. Gurumata Brahma Jyoti Ji in Haridwar, Guru Ji started initiating and teaching his daily practice of meditation to many spiritual seekers. Guru Mata Brahma Jyoti Ji has been mentioned by the Maharishis as the divine mother of Guru Ji from many previous incarnations. Her association with Guru Ji as mentioned by Maharishi Kakabhushundi goes back to as many as more than four lives and Guru Ji was meant to meet Mataji (Babaji) in this lifetime (incarnational association). Guru Mata Brahma Jyoti Ji transferred her Maha Shakti to Guru Ji in July of 2017 giving the divine signal to all that she and Guru Ji are now ONE.!

Guru Ji now conducts meditation retreats all over the United States, India and other countries from time to time. His meditative practice, Gita Divya Kriya Yoga, is based on the ancient esoteric kriya breathing techniques given in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. He strongly emphasizes and leads by example, how to fulfill normal family duties and be devoted towards one's spouse, children, and parents, living a simplistic lifestyle; At the same time, being steadfast and regular in the Guru given sadhana (practicing daily meditation).

Guru Ji's deep knowledge of Sanskrit, Bhagavad Gita, Meditation, and Jyotisha are extraordinary as mastering any one of these is a tremendous feat in a single lifetime. His spiritual insights are very profound and may require listening to the recordings multiple times to understand the depth of the messages conveyed by the Maharishi through him.

With the blessings of Gurumata Brahma Jyoti Ji, Maharishi Bhrigu, Maharishi Kaga Bujandar, Shri Ramani Guru Ji and Maharishi Ved Vyasa, Guru Ji and Guru Ma continue to spread the Light of Bhrigu worldwide.

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Best Wishes,

OM Tat Sat

--Bhrigu Ashram Team


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