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MAHA MRITYUNJAYA - Entering into Amrita of Jyotish


Maha Mrityunjaya

The only thing certain in life is death. Everything else in life is uncertain. The moment you are born you know that you are going to die. This is the greatest satya/truth. In jyotish shastra, the 12th house/kalapurusha sign of meenam is signified by the hospital/sleep/death/expenses/moksha amongst others. The day is tiring, the night is rejuvenating. When the sun is at its highest peak (10th house), the sweating occurs profusely synonymous to karma/indriyas. When the sun is at its lowest peak the sleep refreshes and rejuvenates in the indoors of the home (midnight/4th house). Inhalation is life and exhalation is death. The ordinary sthoola form composed of various tatvas is subject to inevitable sufferings of sickness, death and decay. All this sends us to the hospital which helps us refresh and recover. Expenses occurred on account of charity are considered very noble. With this you see that the 12th house in jyotish shastra in a deeper subtle sense talks about a higher form, a higher life, a life of rejuvenation, a life of contentment and everlasing sukha/happiness - 'Maha Mrityunjaya'

So within the boundaries of this sthoola form is a much more higher sookshma form called the "vajra" or simply the indestructible. This vajra form is pervaded with thousands of channels called nadis through which flow the winds of everlasting bliss called prana and drops called bindus. This source of everlasting bliss is so very important to higher yogic practice. This subtle conscious form of the body exists in a plane of right here and now and the aim of the yogi is to discover it. Once the contact is made with this clear, conscious form of jyoti/light through meditation, the sthoola form will cease to have any meaning and we would have transcended it. In other words, the limitations imposed by the body are just cause and effects of ego/ahankaara grasping and once the merger with our pure nature is done all restrictions/weaknesses/enemies would have been overcome. This death/transcendence of the body (12th house principle) then unfolds in the attainment of radiant jyoti/light of the deity and now ceases to be just a visualized goal. It now in fact becomes an infinite reality - Maha Mrityunjaya

At the time of physical mrityu the entry of the winds into the avadhuti/sushumna is a natural process. The suppresion of the gross manah and the arising of the subtle manah of clear jyoti happens on its own accord. With this dissolution of the winds of prana into the avadhuti environment in which the gross/sthoola functions disappears automatically. In other words the tourist department has now a "no entry" sign and thoughts that are nothing but superflous/supersitious cease to arise. The resultant product of this is extreme tranquility of our original , fundamental consciousness: the resident mind now awakens - Maha Mrityunjaya

Maha Mrityunjaya mantra was passed down to Shukracharya from Shiva due to his highest form of tapas. In the 12th time personified kalapurusha of meenam kshetra we find the exalted bhargava in deep penance - Shukra gets exalted at 27 degrees in revati 4th pada who's deity is Pushan (another name for Surya/Sun). Here Surya is in a state of absolute bliss/contentment and is waiting for the next cycle of creation to commence - his entry into Mesha. This place of holy waters is where prakritti and purusha are in deep merger content within themselves - the merger of jivaatma with paramatma: Matsya/Fish - Maha Mrityunjaya

The place where Revati Nakshatra exists who's deity is Pushan/Surya, the place where the holy infinite waters are that of Meenam/Pisces, the place where the Gurus abide (Meenam Kshetra), the place where the pada lord is that of the Guru, the place where the paduka of the Lord is found resting, the place where the awakening of Shiva's 3rd eye occurs, the place where the lotus/padma awakens at the touch of agni (Meenam Kshetra), the place where the "mritasanjeevani" emerges from Shivas netra and confers onto Shukracharya has now become the abode of immortality - Maha Mrityunjaya

OM Tat Sat

Sanjay Aggarwal