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Bhrigu Gaushala

Bhrigu Gaushala

Bhrigu Gaushala

Bhrigu Ashram has a beautiful Gaushala for Gau Mata(s) (cows) where it promotes the peacefulness of the Trabuco Canyon forest through divine respect and seva/service for cows. In Hindu Dharma cows are considered very sacred and are an embodiment of dharma themselves. All the gods and goddesses reside in Gau Mata. Because her products supply nourishment, the cow is associated with motherhood and Mother Earth. Everyone is invited to enjoy the divine presence of the cows (Gau Matas) in the Trabuco Canyon Forest.

In Hindu scriptures it is clearly mentioned that cows are the mother of all living beings. They give happiness to all. Those who want continuous progress and success in their lives should keep cows on their "right" and walk.

In Hinduism it is said that cows are to be always respected and continuously worshipped. One should never hurt a cow or insult a cow. When one sees them should go in between them. They are the goddesses of auspiciousness. That is why one should always worship cows.

It is important for a wise educated person to understand that when the cows are roaming around freely or sitting quietly under the shade of the trees where there is no disturbance, then one should not go and hurt them or create any difficulty for them.

It is said in the vedic scriptures that when the gau mata(s) (cows) are distressed because of thirst and looks at the one who takes care of them and that person does not give them water to quench their thirst, then the cows with their angry looks can destroy that person's family.

The cowdung of the mother cow when applied on the divine temples and the places of the ancestors purifies them. Can their then be anything more purer than cows?

That person who for one year every day before eating oneself goes and feeds grass to someone else's cow, such a fast fulfills all one's wishes and desires. One then gets good children, wealth & prosperity and his bad dreams and bad karmas are destroyed.

The mother cows because of the ability to give everything to everyone, providing divine strength and protecting this world are considered on this planet earth similar to the rays of the Sun.

This one word "गौ"(cow) is itself analagous to "sun's rays" .

ॐ तत् सत्