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Jeeva Nadi

Jeeva Nadi


What is Jyotisha? Jyotisha is Jyoti + Isha. Jyoti means to throw light on the inner cobwebs which we call as karma. Light (knowledge) dispels darkness (ignorance). Isha is from ishana viz. Siva (God). Siva is the state of sthirtaa (stillness). Shakti that emanates from Siva does all the play. Jyotisha means to remove the inner cobwebs so that the static state of sthirtaa or Siva is revealed.

Coming back to the subject proper viz. "Nadi Astrology". As per my anubhava 'Nadi' shabda has its roots in 'nas' (nerves). Literally Nadi means 'nerves'

Nadi Astrology

Saturn exalts in tula rasi. Tula represents the balance. Saturn is connected with vayu in panchanga. Lagna is twacha (skin; vayu tatva), 2nd bhava is netra (eyes; agni tatva), 3rd is karana (ears; akaasha), 4th is nasika (nose; kshiti tatwa) and 5 th is jihba (tongue; apo tatva). Saturn is connected with nakshatra. Mangal with vaara. Guru with yoga. Budha (mercury) with karana and Shukra with thithi as per panchanga classification.

Jeeva Nadi and Astrology

Let me post some thoughts on jeeva Nadi & connection with astrology.
We said above that Saturn rules Nadi. Meaning the connection with vayu element (breath; prana) is apparent. There are 3 prominent Nadis viz. ida, pingala and sushumna which are in the sookshma shareera. The svara (breath) either flows through ida or pingala in a mortal bound jiva. This gives delusion, illusion & error. The whole aim is to balance the breath and allow it to flow through the central Nadi system called sushumna. Once the breath begins to flow through the central channel one begins to get guru anubhava and the nada dhvani begins to emanate from antahkarana. Sound is a function of akash tatva. This is the true jeeva Nadi. It is through this madhyam that the maharishis communicate to the intended sishya (Nadi reader) to give a jeeva Nadi reading. We must check up Saturn in both rasi and amsa to see link with jeeva Nadi from poorva janma. Jeeva Nadi reading is direct communication channel (sushumna breathing) with the uplink (divine). This kind of reading is given to a jeeva who is moving from a state of tamas (ignorance; darkness) to jyoti (light).

How does Jeeva Nadi Work?

All wisdom & events are in nitya (permanent) sthiti and are recorded in akash tatva (etheric records). This akash is what we call as 'etheric' in the English language. These etheric records (includes jeeva Nadi granthas) can be directly contacted by any advanced sage or rishi in any clime or age.

For example the whole history & life of Raja Bharata could be perceived fully by Vyasa when he conceived mahabharata and decided to write the epic as a spiritual allegory based on historical facts & persona.

So how does jeeva Nadi work? Let us take example of Arjuna. Whenever Arjuna questions bhagwan (jeeva Nadi reader poses query to maharishi), it is to be understood that the meditating sadhaka by silent thoughts is in deep communion with God (krsna). Any advanced devotee can translate into words of any language the silent communion between his soul and God. So vyasa reproduced the inner anubhava between his soul and God as the dialogue which is now popularly known as bhagavad gita. In simpler words the dialogue between an awakened soul and the omnipresent preceptor who is also fondly known as sree krshna.

Nadi Readers

In my anubhava jeeva Nadi gurus have definite control over their breath which is also called as swara (sa+astra = sastra is breathing weapon). That is why you will find certain jeeva Nadi gurus are found to be levitating while giving the reading. Why levitation? Levitation is a siddhi that comes by conquering the udana vayu (refer Patanjali Sutras). One who has control over their breath, has connection with maharishi through punya karma, is chosen by the maharishi in a certain life as a designated jeevaNadi reader to assist jeevas on prithwi loka to help breakaway from darkness into bliss of atma jyoti. He can access etheric records at anytime based on the siddhi bestowed.

At every moment the JeevaNadi guru's dharma is to help jeevas and not indulge in material gain. This way he is also breaking his karmic cycle of life & death. It is a deep & divine play controlled by the maharishis which must be thoroughly appreciated and not discounted.

So, it is the maharishi who pulls the jeeva to give the reading and is not done so as per the desire of the jeeva. In simpler words in no way do we have any say in anything in this cosmos. We are a reflection of our karma. When the time is right, the karma is exhausted to a certain bandwidth, the guru will reveal to us in the form of jeeva Nadi reading or materializing or any other means for that matter. This means that it is pointless to abandon our daily effort in search for the unknown through Nadi leaves and Nadi readings. Maharishis do not entertain abandonment of karma for momentary gratification of senses through self desired Nadi readings. Jeeva Nadi reading will come to you sitting in your house if it is intended to.

Do not go seeking for it. It will come seeking for you when the karma has ripened.

Best Wishes.

OM Tat Sat

Sanjay Aggarwal