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The Flute of Krishna

hare krishna

The Flute of Krishna

The aim of this article is to try and understand "Pranava/AUM" through the flute of Vasudeva. This article is just a small humble attempt to articulate a deeper concept revealed by Jyotish. This article is by no means an authority on any subject but a humble attempt to write something which the author has felt and trying to convey. Please bear and go through this article. It touches a very small aspect of the cosmic whole but tries to convey the cosmic flute at the same time.

The 2nd bhava and the 8th bhava in vedic astrology are very important. Let us try and elaborate with reference to the Lord/Pranava/AUM. Bhagwan was born as the 8th child to Devaki. Astami denotes this aspect only.


And he was then taken to Yashoda Mayya's house. The pain incurred, the faith shown and the true love of Maa Devaki is something which can bring immense joy to one and all.

Let us look at 8th Kaalapurusha. 8th is Vrischika. The the 8th bhava in general signifies mrityu. Who can emerge from mrityu bhava? It can only be the Lord who has transcended mrityu.

Isnt the lord of Mritya Bhava Mangal. Isnt Mangal synonymous with Agni. And fire gets extinguished (debilitated) in Karaka. Karaka is the ocean of consciousness on which Naarayana sits. In fact Karaka is related to Jeeva where Jupiter is exalted. If we look deeper at the sign of karaka we find Vasudeva smiling till eternity. Guru's exaltation in karaka signifies that all wisdom arises from the Lord. Mangal in Karaka can be a strong significator for relation to Pranava in a chart especially in aspects and conjoinment to 8th bhava.

Let us take the 2nd bhava in kaalapurusha (time personified). We find Rishabha where Moon is exalted. This bhava indicates vak-siddhi. What is vak siddhi? When the moon is exalted, the mind is clear and satya (truth) reflects beautifully within.

Let us ask Shri Krishna to play his flute as we move forward in our quest for Pranava, 

In the planetary cabinet great importance is given to the Sun and the Moon. From these two emerge the two great avatars/lineage of Sada- Gopala or Krishna and Bhagvan Ram. Krishna being the sampoorna avatar. Wasnt everything a lila (pay) for Shri Krishna? Bhagvan Ram being the partial avatar. Didn't he go through the karmic life cycle on prithvi? The Krishna (Soma-Vansh) and Rama (Surya-Vansh) is a manifestation of these two beautiful principles in our innate-nature. The 2nd varga viz. the hora of chandra and surya are beautifully extrapolated through this principle. 

As we see from the above the importance of 2nd house with reference to the lunar dynasty and Bhagvaan Shri Krishna. Let us now connect "Pranava" and the Vedas with the 2nd bhava. Yes, the flute is the symbol of Pranava. It is from the sound of this flute that the gopis collected at the banks of the sacred yamuna. It is from the sound of this flute that the magic of eternity flowed. It is from the sound of this flute that the hearer dances in ecstasy. It is from the sound of this flute that the sound fills the hearts with eternal love. It is from the sound of this flute that the music that flows on an exalted moon night fills the heart with bliss and the hearer gets merged with the heard and forgets about Moksha. It is from the sound of this flute that the peacocks dance in ecstasy, it is from the sound of this flute that the rivers change their directions to flow towards the absolute. It is the sound of this flute that can create the magic in the deep never ending valleys of the mountains filling the loving hearts with ecstasy. It is from the flute of krishna that all rasas emerge and disappear.


It is only from the touch of the Krishna mantra that the Guru liberates the disciple (Krishna-Naama).Yes Bhagwathi is synonymous with Rishabha and the Bhagvad Gita is the dispeller of all darkness, doubt and ignorance.

Yes, Chandra in 2nd bhava or rishabha or in own nakshatra is a strong significator for attaining "Pranava".

Yes, The lila of Krishna, the sweet enchanter, the sweet lover, is just this:

"We lost ourselves completely; We knew not who we were

As we raise our hands and sing we hear the sound echoing all around the kaalapurusha,

  • Aavo Giridhara Sundara Laal
  • Radha Madhava Hey Giridhari
  • Nanda Laala Nanda Gopaala, Nanda Laala Nanda Laala
  • Jhumaka Jhumaka Jhum Baja Ghungharia
  • Murali Manohara Madhusoodana
  • Harey Govinda Gopaal Damodara
  • Radhey Gopaala Radhey Gopaala
  • Krishna Mukunda Muraari
  • Murali Lola Nanda Laala
  • Govardhanodhara Gopaala Baala

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!

OM Tat Sat

Sanjay Aggarwal