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Maharishi Bhrigu

What does the word "Bhrigu" mean?

The word "Bhrigu" comes from the word "Bhargo" meaning brilliant, effulgent, the radiant one & full of life and energy. It symbolizes the independent self-effulgent inner light. Thus "Bhrigu" means that light of the inner Self, that light of the inner Soul that is always pure, beyond the material world, always awake and fully conscious. He is full of divine energy & wisdom. Bhrigu means the divine essence. He represents the supreme light, the light of all lights - the maha jyoti & the essence of Para Brahman. 

Maharishi Bhrigu is in the form of a sixteen petaled lotus, fully awake, conscious filled with a dazzling brilliant light that fills up the entire universe. 

This Inner Light which is revealed in the deep meditation by the grace of Guru (Maharishi Bhrigu) gives divine energy, divine joy, divine bliss, divine peace and divine strength  

Praying for inner peace for one and all. 

OM Tat Sat