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Picture - 1 (Devaprayaga)


Look at the picture above. It is the picture of Devaprayaga. Stare into the picture and contemplate on the spiritual meaning/connotation of 'Devaprayaga' . What does 'Devaprayaga' mean?!

Let me give you an interesting mapping:

Take up the shat (6) chakras of the body charriot. They geographically symbolize the 6 pilgrimages located along the course of Ganges. Let me give the mapping for the 6 pilgrimages,

  • 1. 1st pilgrimage is Devaprayaga (Picture -1) - Ajna Chakra!!
  • 2. Rishikesh - Vishuddhi chakra
  • 3. Haridwar – Anahata
  • 4. Allahabad/Prayaga – Manipura
  • 5. Varanasi – Svadishthana
  • 6. Gangasagar – Muladhara

It is for this reason that Ganga is worshipped as a holy river. Life is indeed equivalent to river. Just as a river has a constant flow of water, similarly life has a constant flow of Prana. River gushes down through mountains and forms whirlpools at different points (pilgrimages) in its course. Similarly prana gushing down from the source (sahasrara chakra) flows through the spinal chord and forms whirlpools at different locations of the shareera. These whirlpools are designated as chakras.

The tamil festival of karthigai deepam occurs in the month of Karthigai(Nov). It is a festival of lights (lamps). While the lighted lamp is important for all hindu festivals (rituals), It is indispensable for karthigai.

The above has been written keeping only in mind the 7 internal lamps that need to be lit on karthigai deepam to destroy the veil of karma taking us to the highest source of bliss from where the river of prana ganga originates. After all dynamic prana originates from stillness only!!!

OM Tat Sat

Sanjay Aggarwal