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Maharishinaam Bhrgur Aham Giraam Asmy Ekam Aksharam
Yajnaanaam Japayajno 'smi Sthaavaraanaam Himaalayaha

-- Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Chapter-10, Verse 25

Of the great sages, I am Bhrgu,
Of Speech, I am the transcendental monosyllable Om;
Of all types of sacrifice, I am the sacrifice of chanting the holy names of the Ultimate Personality and
Of immovable things, the Himalayan mountains .

The breath that we take was a second ago someone else's breath. It has come from someone else. Just a moment ago the breath was yours. Now this breath has become mine. A moment later this breath will become someone else's. It will no longer be mine. We cannot have any claim on our breath. We cannot at any time say that this is our breath. In reality it moves.

Similarly we live in an ocean of life. We are living into each other. What belongs to you could belong to me and this cycle can go on and on. Just a moment ago I started to say something that was in me. Now I am pouring it into you and it will become yours. And now this may become part of your consciousness/memory/mind.Once a thought is heard/understood it is yours. It is no longer mine. Nothing is mine. We are all interlinked into one Sutra.

Everything is owned by the Lord. Nothing happens without the will of the Lord. And that is the meaning of the word 'universe'. It is unity amongst diversity. It is all One - in death/life/birth/hate/love we are all one. We are pulsating together. We are vibrating together. With this understanding, our ego starts to become looser and looser and one day we can try and use it and not be used by it. Breath is Life. And every change that will happen in one's life will be through the change in one's breath. Once perfection of breath is attained, then one moves into a state of breathlessness. And when breathlessness is effortless everything else falls into line.

OM Tat Sat